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Practices and Games @ Chelsea Piers

Splashball:  Sat: 11-Noon

House League:

     Fall Session 1:  Sat:  Noon-1:30pm

     Fall Session 2:  Sun: Noon-1:30pm

     Winter Session 1A-DOLPHINS: Mondays-5:30-6:30*

     Winter Session 1B-DOLPHINS: Thursdays-5:30-6:30*

     Winter Session 1C-SHARKS: Tuesdays-5:30-6:30*

     Winter Session 1D-SHARKS: Wednesdays-5:30-6:30*

     Winter Session Games:  Sundays 12-3 - Schedule TBA

         (*Note:  Winter program starts Nov. 26)


Travel Teams: Nov. 26 through March 10

      10 & Under (Novice): (Dry-land & Pool)

            Monday & Thursday:       D. 5:30-6pm   P. 6-7:15pm

            Saturday:                      P. 12-1:30pm

      12 & Under - Bronze: (Dry-land & Pool)

              Monday & Thursday:      D. 5:30-6pm   P. 6-7:15pm

              Saturday:                     P. 12-1:30pm

              Sunday:                       D. 11:30am - 12pm   P. 12-1:30pm

      14 & Under - Silver: (Dry-land & Pool)

              Monday & Thursday:       D. 6:30-7pm   P. 7-8:30pm

              Tuesday & Wednesday:  D. 6-6:30pm   P. 6:30-8pm

              Sunday:                        D. 2:15-3pm   P. 3-5pm

      16 & Under - Gold/18 & Under - Junior:(Dry-land & Pool)

                Monday & Thursday:      D. 7:30-8pm, P. 8-9:40pm

                Tuesday & Wednesday: D. 7:15-7:45pm, P. 7:45-9:30pm

                Friday:                         P. 530-730pm, D. 7:30-8:15pm

                Sunday:                       D. 915-10am, P. 10am-12pm


*Spring and Summer session Training schedule will be communicated at a later date*