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A special thank you to all our generous families and sponsors who support GWP activities, help us offer athlete scholarships, and cover the rising costs of facility rentals, water polo events, equipment and operations.

Olympic Team ($200 and over)

Scott & Ryan Anderson Family
Chris Cutler Family
Michael Delgenio Family
Laura & Jesse Evans Family
Emily, Peter & Tommy Jensen Family
Aubrey Kalashian Family
James Kelly Family
John and Mark Nietzel Family
Gustav Rydevik Family
Will & Patricia Smith Family

National Team ($90 to $199)

Nicholas Allen Family
Stephen Ambrose Family
Justin Burke Family
James & Julianne Case Family
Will Colombo Family
Andrew Dillinger Family
Matthew Dinatale Family
Kate Foley Family
Katie & Rob Hannigan Family
JC, Alexandra Hay Family
Matthew Hegarty Family
Alexander Jensen Family
Schuyler Kruizenga Family
Annie & Tom Lautenbach Family
Erica Meehan Family
Anika Norrgard Family
Sean O’Connor Family
James O’Sullivan Family
Nicola Parisi Family
Samuel Prout Family
Bobby Pruett Family
Jimmy Ramaley Family
Spencer Sodokoff Family
Helen & Jenny Turner Family
Henry Van Roden Family

Friends of Greenwich Youth Water Polo (under $90)

James Baker Family
Hallie Bodey Family
Dylan Brodie
Scott Carlson Family
Terrance & Brendan Carr Family
Jasper Chene Family
Evan Ciecimirski Family
Rachel Cohen Family
Becky Collier Family
Mark Costigan Family
Lucas Crihfield Family
Colton Dempsey Family
Jack Driscoll Family
David Fraser Family
Andrew Fraser Family
Will Gibian Family
Steven Grune Family
Henreitta Hietala Family
Matthew Klinger Family
Corey Kupersmith Family
Luke Lorefice Family
Brooke & Peter Lorenz Family
Michael Mannion Family